L3 Snowboard Slopestyle Final results

After delays due to the weather the final was eventually undertaken on the last day of racing. Many thanks to the patience of the competitors and congratulations to all the athletes including the medal winners. Thank you to our sponsor L3 for presenting the prizes.

Ladies podium positions International and British

1st Major Rachel Beszant, Army

2nd NA Aaby Aldridge, Royal Navy

3rd Pte Shona Kinnear, Army


Mens podium positions

1st International Major Alister Court, ADF

2nd International and 1st British AB Ian Sanderson, Royal Navy

3rd International and 2nd British LCPL Ryan Wooton, Army

3rd British GNR Johnny Howard Ford, Army

Full results can be found on the ESF Meribel website at the link here: http://www.esf-meribel.com/