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A Word from Our Sponsors – Airbus

By January 14, 2024January 21st, 2024No Comments

The UK Armed Forces Winter Sports Championships are an invaluable annual opportunity to rekindle old friendships, forge new relationships and to catch up with colleagues and partners from across defence and industry in convivial surroundings. They are also a great opportunity for our Armed Forces to develop closer links with industry.

For Airbus it is a particularly big year because 2024 marks the tenth year we have sponsored the championship’s blue riband race: the downhill.  And what a formidable race this is, challenging competitors both physically and mentally in an uncompromising and unforgiving environment.

Over the years, as one of the longest serving sponsors, we have come to appreciate just how important the championships are: as an inter-service event it brings the elite from across the Forces. Their commitment, focus and determination is outstanding.

These few days in the snow are their shop-window – the culmination of training and competing at the highest levels. And it is these values that we share – being best in class, determination to succeed, and delivery when it counts – that encourages us to stand by the Association and support this celebration of excellence.

We are looking forward to a memorable week of competition, excitement and camaraderie. We hope to meet as many of you as possible during the course of the event.

Best of luck to all, and our thanks as ever to the hard-working staff who support the event behind the scenes.


Kata Escott CB

UK Managing Director, Airbus Defence and Space