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Jeremy Greaves, Vice President, Corporate Affairs & Strategy

It is with much pleasure that Airbus once again supports the Armed Forces Winter Sports Association.

As a company we are one of the long-term sponsors of this event.  Why?  Because it is a pretty unique combination of focus, teamwork, competition and bravery across the Services.

These are all values and behaviours that we seek to emulate with our own teams developing the latest pioneering technology solutions to support the UK’s defence and security needs.

In these troubled and uncertain times continuous innovation is not an end in itself. We push technological boundaries because our customers – you – need the very best equipment to fulfill your missions. You operate in a world where information superiority has become the next frontier. For Airbus, this means that we will continue to build the best platforms, but also the best systems to use them in.

You are all individuals competing against the hill, the clock and each other, but more than that you are part of a bigger team and it is this teamwork that resonates with us.   Airbus is the living proof of what Europe can achieve when it combines long-term vision, industrial expertise and a spirit of collaboration. We were founded over 50 years ago to establish a counterpoint to the US dominance in commercial aviation. Few believed we would succeed. Today, we have grown into one of the leading aerospace companies in the world and a major European player in defence and space.

ISSSC has existed for even longer than we have and this demonstrates a certain resilience and some would say a sustainable business model!  However we know how difficult it is to lay on these championships and we appreciate the effort that goes on behind the scenes.  We would pay tribute to all those who work tirelessly to make the event a success.  Sustainability nowadays is key to everything, and we are no different.  Airbus intends to lead aviation’s journey towards clean aerospace, reducing the carbon footprint of our products, sites and supply chain. We stand up for human rights and foster inclusion in everything we do. We build our business on the foundation of safety and a commitment to quality.  It is about doing the right thing and in all the time we have supported UKAFWSA we feel this has been a guiding principle for all.

Finally, it is the commitment of all those on the hill – whether racers or those in support – that we salute. You maybe in the mountains one week, but we also know that in the following weeks you could be on the front line.  What you do matters and this is why we as a company need to be on duty for you; because you are on duty for everyone else when it matters most.

May we wish you all a great season and great racing