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Sarah Kenny, Chief Executive, BMT

I am immensely proud of our involvement with the UK Armed Forces Winter Sports Association (UKAFWSA). This year has been challenging both for us as a business and for you as our military colleagues. So I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for stepping up during this COVID pandemic, supporting our key workers and in particular our National Health Service, demonstrating the amazing depth and versatility of our UK Armed Forces personnel.

The importance and lessons of military sport have never felt more relevant than during this past year. It provides a focus on mental resilience, physical fitness and perhaps above all the confidence to triumph in the face of adversity. These all help us to be the best we can. So I can’t wait to see military sportspeople of all types out there competing again as soon as possible.

Sporting success, like any success, must be earned and doesn’t come easily. I know many of you will have been training very hard to be ready to compete and it is tough when the goalposts move. But I see that strength and resilience shining through in so many of the people I have met through BMT’s involvement with UKAFWSA and I know you will come back even stronger next year.

In BMT we are fortunate to employ many former military personnel and we benefit from that same strength and resilience that helps us succeed and grow as a business. Despite the challenges of COVID-19 we have steadfastly been here delivering for our customers

We look forward to continuing to build our long-standing relationship with the UK Armed Forces and working in partnership to drive forward the future of the defence industry.