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Tony Boyle, Director of Defence, BT

This is not the article I planned to write. But I’m sure we’ve all felt a sense of foreboding that our pilgrimage to the UKAFWSA championships would be put on hold this year. While it’s disappointing, it’ll make next season’s championship even more special. At least during this ‘operational pause’ you’ll not have to witness our own Ed Stainton winning another sponsor’s race.

But I’m sure that my clutching at straws is fooling no one. We’ll certainly miss the opportunity to witness the inspirational performances of our servicemen and women. The UKWFSA competition is a unique event built on a foundation of courage, teamwork and camaraderie. It’s one in which we, and our co-sponsors Cisco, are honoured to play a part. As we look forward to next year’s championship, we pause to reflect on the critical role the Armed Forces have played in helping to combat coronavirus. From setting up Nightingale hospitals to repatriating stranded Britons in the first wave and, more recently, rolling out mass community testing in Liverpool and beyond.

It’s a reminder of the key role our military plays in protecting the UK. We look forward to joining you on the slopes when the outbreak-induced whiteout is behind us. In the meantime, please keep the flame alive!