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Jon Cole  – Director BT Defence

It is with privilege that BT Defence is associated with each Single Service and the Armed Forces Winter Sports Associations.  Like our fellow sponsors, we believe in “giving back” to the incredible people of our Armed Forces. The Defence Industry sees itself very much part of the strategic capacity of UK Defence, evidenced in the conflicts and instability of today that we witness needing the teamwork of military and industrial organisations. BT is proud to be playing its part in supporting UK Defence with secure and resilient networks and services.

Servicepeople are asked to do extraordinary acts in their contribution to UK Defence. This demands much sacrifice, and many qualities including bravery, teamwork, discipline, growth mindset. Winter Sports provide a fabulous breeding ground to develop such qualities from novice level to elite, across all disciplines. It is inclusive, where the courage required is equal regardless of gender, age, rank, service, capbadge/trade group. We wish every participant in this season’s events an unforgettable and productive opportunity to have some fun whilst nurturing skills and strengthening qualities. And let us consider those of Corporal Waters MM crossing his own metaphorical start line/start gate on Pegasus Bridge in June 1944, as he declared: “Go to it!”