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Chris Shaw, Chief Operating Officer, Thales UK

I am delighted once again to continue Thales UK’s support for the UK Armed Forces Winter Sports Championships.

Our robust history of support for our Armed Forces continues to be a tremendous source of pride for us, and it is a personal pleasure to extend this backing into the arena of winter sports.

The camaraderie and team spirit displayed during these championships bring to life the deep-rooted military values of discipline, courage, respect, teamwork and integrity, all of which closely align with our own values at Thales UK.

As a proud signatory of the Armed Forces Covenant, we recognise the immense value of serving personnel, reservists and military families to our business.  They bring a wealth of diverse knowledge, expertise and a level of professionalism that is deeply ingrained from their time in service.  As a result, we always eagerly welcome members of this skilled and professional community to our company, providing exciting opportunities for them to continue their careers in the corporate world.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the organisers for all that they do all year long to get us to this point and wish all of the competitors the best of luck.

May the slopes and tracks be fast, the sun bright and the snow and ice perfect.

Here’s to fantastic championships across the Association!