Wing Commander Heather Ratnage-Black, Director ISISC and Chairman Skeleton

Inter Services Ice Sports Championships 2020

For the 2020 Inter Service Ice Championships the organising committee chose to remain at the previous season’s spectacular venue of Konigssee, Germany.  It was anticipated that this would bring two benefits; firstly, the athletes could build on the skills from the last year on this exceptionally demanding track and secondly to allow visitors to easily access the event.

It was a close call to whether the event went ahead at all as the scourge of COVID-19 was already advancing across Europe. As the UK was preparing for boarder closures it was agreed that we would press ahead with the Championships as all the athletes and staff were already in venue and the risk of infection was considered low at the time.

The athletes and staff focused their efforts on the task in hand and the delivery of an exciting competition open to novices and seasoned internationals alike. Training through the week showed that we would once again be operating on fine margins to separate our top competitors.

A special mention must be made this season to single out our highly professional team medics Sgt Natasha Sinclair and Cpl David Hummel. Every day they attended to the routine spills trackside but this year, with the added complexity of COVID updates, risk assessments and daily meetings to assess with the event team if the competition could still go ahead, they excelled.

Results for skeleton bobsleigh saw the RAF men’s team retaining their title for the fourteenth consecutive year with the RAF women lifting the female team crown.

Skeleton Inter Service Male Team ChampionsRAF RAF
Skeleton Inter Service Male Team Champions RAF
Skeleton Inter Service Male Team Champions Fg Officer Rhys Thornbury- RAF
Skeleton Inter Service Male Team Champions Cpl Louise Webb – RAF

I will leave my fellow ice colleagues for luge and bob to share their own results in their reports.

For the 2020/21 season we had anticipated a move of track but, as we are all aware, COVID-19 has quite literally but plans on ice. The push track championship for bobsleigh and skeleton at Bath University, the home of GB teams for both disciplines, is on hold due to a 3rd lockdown; however, the Events team for the Championships look forward to welcoming our sponsors and senior military to both Bath at some time and, with luck, trackside for winter 2021/22.