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A Word from Our Sponsors – AirTanker

By January 14, 2024January 21st, 2024No Comments

“We are delighted to be returning to the UK Armed Forces Winter Sports Association again this year. Working as a team is a key element to success and to achieving outstanding results – an attribute that is demonstrated by all competitors of this event, and we are proud to be a part of such a fantastic ‘team of teams’.”


Mark Alexander, CEO, AirTanker


It is a pleasure to be supporting the UK Armed Forces Winter Sports Association once again for the 17th year. Through our sponsorship of the RAF Snowboarding Team, we are proud to enable opportunities for the team to further develop their skills and introduce new members to the squad.


Every year is a busy year for Voyager, however this year we have seen an unprecedented level of flying operations and many challenges to overcome. Following on from last year, Voyager has continued to play an essential role in Defence for the UK and our allied nations, reinforcing NATO’s response to the Russia-Ukraine crisis. Supporting Typhoon aircraft, Voyager offers additional fuel for the fighters, enabling greater range and endurance which demonstrates the reach of UK air power to support NATO’s defence mission. In addition, using our civil registered aircraft, we have provided support to the RAF and our allied nations, operating weekly flights transporting Ukrainians to and from Rzeszow, Poland, as part of the UKs commitment in providing military training to support their efforts in fighting for their country.


This year, we supported the Royal British Legion and Team UK in their participation in Invictus Games 2023. We transported Team UK, their friends and family, free of charge to and from the games which were held in Dusseldorf. Furthermore, our partnership with continued to grow as we operated two of our civil registered aircraft throughout their summer flying programme, with one aircraft continuing to operate flights throughout their winter season.


It has once again been an incredibly busy year and the success of Voyager has been achieved through the unfailing dedication and commitment of the Voyager Force, our fantastic whole force team of military and civilian personnel that support all operations.


Looking back on 2023, our results speak for themselves: our fleet of 14 aircraft flew over 4,500 sectors to 245 different airports, transporting over 500,000 passengers and delivered over 23,000 tonnes of fuel to almost 4,500 receiving aircraft.


From all of us at AirTanker, we wish every team the very best of health and good luck in the games this year!


Mark Alexander

CEO, AirTanker