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A Word from Our Sponsors – ScrumInc

By January 14, 2024January 21st, 2024No Comments

JJ Sutherland

CEO, Scrum Inc.



Scrum Inc. is proud to support the UK Armed Forces Winter Sports Association. We deeply believe in the power of teams to innovate, collaborate, and compete. I’m sure the camaraderie and intense drive for excellence at the UKFWSA will showcase the spirit and pride of the UK Armed Forces.


The values of excellence, professionalism, and drive are something we witness across the Ministry of Defence, whether it be at the Royal Navy, Strategic Command, UKSF, or in the main building in Whitehall. That fighting spirit will, I am quite sure, be on display to great effect over the course of the championships.


The ability of teams to deliver excellence in any context is at the core of the ethos of the UK Armed Forces. At Scrum Inc., we work tirelessly with groups across the Ministry of Defence to help unleash that potential in an environment that can often be bureaucratic, frustrating, and slow to change. The Agile transformations taking place across the Armed Forces to change that are truly inspiring. The belief that organizations, teams, and individuals can, must, and will continuously improve in order to deliver on your mission to protect the nation and ensure its prosperity is what we value more than anything in our partnership with UK Armed Forces.


Scrum Inc. was founded by my father, a graduate of West Point and a fighter pilot in the Vietnam War. Scrum itself derives from the lessons he learned in his years of service to his country. He was also on the West Point ski team, winter sports competition is close to his heart.


Our values and yours are in close alignment and at the core of who we are. Our commitment to the men and women of the armed forces goes beyond the UKFWSA. We are signatories of the Armed Forces Covenant. We help servicemembers acquire new skills as they transition into the civilian world. And many of our people are veterans, from both the US and the UK.


All of us here at Scrum Inc. want to give hearty congratulations to the organizers of the UKFWSA, it’s a massive effort. And to the competitors, good luck, great snow, and fast skis!